??????????????????????????????????Daniel R. Knowlton

Finishing his two B.A.’s in economics and philosophy, cum laude, at the University of Utah (including attendance at the University of California, Santa Barbara), Dan served honorably in the Utah Air Force National Guard, and then the California Army National Guard.  Supporting himself in part from working as a licensed real estate agent (and later gaining his broker’s license, which he still holds), he then finished law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, in San Diego, where, in 1977,  he established and has continued his law practice.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Dan served as President of the Alpine Chamber of Commerce for two terms, was a member of the Kiwanis for a decade, and served for two terms as a Lieutenant Governor of San Diego area Optimists International.  He recently served as president of a 650 member San Diego charitable organization supporting community service.  His hobbies consist of writing and distance running, and he remains an avid surfer.

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